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Chantel Simons
Independent Wellness Advocate


Wellcome!  My name is Chantel Jorie Simons! @20pinkpearls.  As an avid user of DoTerra products, I have always enjoyed natural ways to support your health over a number of years.  With my own testimonies in using natural healing methods, and using DoTerra products for almost 4 years.


I have taken a number of online courses with my wellness advocate.  In learning about the benefits of these products, I completely changed my life and incorporated DoTerra products in all that I do.  From cleaning my home, cooking, diffusing and hair care.  I have completely detoxed my home from toxic products.

As I continue on the journey of living a toxic free life style, I wanted to bring this experience to life and offer educational material and accessories to complete the journey to you as well.  I hope that you continue to enjoy the experience of essential oil living.

Thank you for your support to my page and I looking forward to working closely with you...

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