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Oil Life Essentials BDA provides products to inspire & expand your knowledge while enjoying the healing abilities of essential oil living.

This page will continue to add resources that help you on your oil life journey an improve your life style to a healthier and cleaner way of living toxic free.

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My Story

Hello! Please allow me to formally introduce myself!
My name is Chantel Jorie Simons! 

As an avid user of DoTerra products. I have always enjoyed natural ways to support your health over a number of years. With my own testimonies in using natural healing methods, and using DoTerra products for almost 4 years. I have taken a number of online courses with my wellness advocate.

In learning about the benefits of these products, I completely changed my life and incorporated DoTerra products in all that I do. From cleaning my home, cooking, diffusing and hair care. I have completely detoxed my home from toxic products.

As I continue on the journey of living a toxic free life style, I wanted to bring this experience to life and offer educational material and accessories to complete the journey to you as well.

I hope that you continue to enjoy the experience of essential oil living.

Thank you for your support to my page and I looking forward to working closely with you...

Thank you

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If your interested in a journey of essential oils to improve your lifestyle, lets chat! Give me a call or email me.


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